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Yep. Sad to say but his time has come... #itfc https://t.co/PFfDOnysab
Tweeted 7 hours ago by Sir_Chappers
Maybe I'll be able to watch #ITFC locally again next season. Derby County and/or Forest should be in league one as well by then! 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 ⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪🔵⚪
Tweeted 8 hours ago by GlenPBarnes
@ITFCU2View @AndyWarren_ @Stuart_Watson @KingsofAnglia He hasn't turned a single thing around in two years....another month won't make any difference whatsoever #itfc
Tweeted 8 hours ago by lcjw7
@ITFCU2View @AndyWarren_ @Stuart_Watson @KingsofAnglia God i do hope not it wouldn't surprise me in one hand with the owner we have but surely common sense must prevail I hope his sounding out managers getting things in place #itfc #lambertout
Tweeted 8 hours ago by robpooley1
Whilst I'm pretty much settled on the idea of change I think PL will be given until Christmas to turn things around although as @AndyWarren_ @Stuart_Watson talk about on the latest @KingsofAnglia Pod it's starting to feel like last season all over again. Watch this space #itfc https://t.co/is2WsEMcrW
Tweeted 8 hours ago by ITFCU2View
@ITFCAnalytics @OfficialECFC ... and Ipswich here! #ITFC https://t.co/X02G9XbNJd
Tweeted 8 hours ago by DymondFormation
Time for change i agree we need promotion this season just can't see it with lambert #lambertout #itfc https://t.co/pVwtsT8wyB
Tweeted 8 hours ago by robpooley1
@IpswichTown Why are we getting so many muscle injuries in games, but also in training? Something is not being done right, or something is being missed. This has gone on 2 long. And tactically #Lambert is a moron. #itfc
Tweeted 8 hours ago by mart676
https://t.co/ZCQzW8QhHz @Stuart_Watson @mark__heath @AndyWarren_ Get this in the paper 📝✏️✏️📝📰🗞 #itfc #lambertout
Tweeted 8 hours ago by Simo170482
@IpswichTown Mr Lambert Mr Lambert, I think you must leave the club.#itfc #Ipswich #bluearmy
Tweeted 8 hours ago by AnastaseMakris

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