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@kerri_liane Much needed it is to. To much dead weight in that squad. #itfc https://t.co/syDmWekP0u
Tweeted 2 minutes ago by GingerBond67
Is this why others could be on their way out? 100% behind cookie monster... They've had 3 seasons to get it right and they've failed! #itfc https://t.co/83o44rfv1X
Tweeted 2 minutes ago by DebbieS71
@_rskid26 @IpswichCulture @Martyn1988 @AshleySymonds_ Won't be commenting on player departures on a day where its been, accurately, reported that the whole squad is for sale, non event isn't it. I'll continue to work tirelessly for the fans and share the exciting stuff as soon as I can. Uppa Towen #itfc #ITKD
Tweeted 3 minutes ago by ITKDobbo
@lewismitchell87 @TalkingTownITFC @kallybisla You’d best ask @kallybisla for the lottery numbers given the AMAZING coincidence of player names 🙄 #itfc
Tweeted 5 minutes ago by MattPhillips73
Tweeted 7 minutes ago by Michael07505153
@thewallbank @TheCruncher76 @TalkingTownITFC @EADTsport24 @kallybisla @KingsofAnglia That’s clearly not the case given our audience numbers but thanks anyway 🙄 #itfc
Tweeted 9 minutes ago by MattPhillips73
I don’t no why Town fans worried we have about 3 players that teams would want to buy Dobra KVY and Norwood! #ITFC
Tweeted 9 minutes ago by JamesSibley87
@TheRealTudes @IpswichTown Just another day as a #itfc fan Nick, you know it is normal these days mate.
Tweeted 10 minutes ago by steve78itfc
Who claim their fantastic podcast has helped so many! And they deserve so much more than what they already have just because they have the same conversations we all have but it’s to a camera and then they label it exclusive. It actually grinds my gears 🤣🤣🤣 #itfc
Tweeted 12 minutes ago by PaulCookStands
Andre Dozzell 👋🏻 #itfc
Tweeted 13 minutes ago by 90Luckman

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May 8Fleetwood Town-1 - -1H
May 1Swindon Town-1 - -1A
Apr 24AFC Wimbledon-1 - -1H
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